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Investment Philosophy


The companies must have a management team that has high level of credibility and integrity. We look for partners who are familiar with the business environment of Asia/China but also have hands-on operational experiences.



The companies’ products or services should have significant market growth potential in the global markets. The companies’ business models must also have been proven effective in other parts of the world, perhaps in other developing countries.


Competitive Advantage:

We look for companies that have significant and sustainable competitive advantages in their industries. The source of such advantages could be something as direct as a government license or patent; or something less apparent such as a name brand, a uniquely low cost structure resulting from high market share, extensive distribution channels and network, advanced and proprietary technologies and processes, etc.


New Investment Opportunities:

We prefer to invest in enterprises that have substantial opportunities to reinvest cash flow or deploy incremental capital in high-return projects.


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